Thursday, 31 January 2013

Japanese cooking class in February 2013

We would like to inform our regular class (2 and half hours including lecture and
tasting time) in February 2013.
We are doing the same menu as January class because a lot of people couldn't
make it.

The menu is a well-known "Yakitori" (Chicken on bamboo-skewers) & a nice summer
dish "Harusame-salad" (Vermicelli-noodle salad).
The lecture is "Umeboshi" (=pickled ume-plum).

Let's learn Japanese home-style cooking by demonstration & hands-on cooking!

**Voucher (valid for 6 months) is available.**


Please see the details below or more info :


**Date & Time     : Mon 25th night (6:00pm-8:30pm)

**Cooking menu   :  "Yakitori" (Chicken on bamboo-skewers)
                           ---Originally, it consists of various parts of chicken, putting
                                on bamboo-skewers and grilled on the special grill.
                                We introduce home-style cooking way, cooking them in oven.

                           "Harusame-salad" (Vermicelli-noodle salad)
                           ---Nice summer dish, also very popular side dish in Japan.
                                We make with nice colors of vegetables and home-made dressing.

**15mins lecture  :  "Umeboshi" (=pickled ume-plum)
                           ---One of the traditional Japanese pickles made made from Ume-plum.
                                It's popular ingredient for "Onigiri" (=rice ball). Let's taste how it is!

**Service           :  "Onigiri" (=Rice ball)


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