Monday, 28 January 2013

Cooking class on Mon 28th (6pm) January

We had our first regular class of this year last night.
The menu was "Yakitori" & "Harusame-salad" and
the lecture was "Umeboshi".

Everybody enjoyed making "Yakitori" and tasting one of most
popular pickles in Japan, "Umeboshi".

Thank you for attending our class!

More info :

"Yakitori", "Harusame-salad", "Onigiri"


Cooking "Negima" (Yakitori)

Making "Harusame-salad"

Making "Negima" (Yakitori)

Cooking "Negima" (Yakitori)

Making "Negima" (Yakitori)

Making "Teba" (Yakitori)

Making "Tsukune" (Yakitori)
Yakitori : "Negima", "Tsukune", "Teba"

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