Monday, 25 February 2013

Cooking class on Mon 25th (6pm) February

We had great class last night, Mon 25th (6pm) February.
The menu was "Yakitori" (Chicken on bamboo-skewers) &
"Harusame-salad" (Vermicelli-salad), and the lecture was
"Umeboshi" (pickled Ume-plum).

Everybody enjoyed making own "Yakitori" even Japanese customers, too!
They are great BBQ meal as well, so hopefully everybody will make this at home.

Thank you for attending our class!

More info :

Today's dinner
"Yakitori", "Harusame-salad", "Onigiri"

Lecture : "Umeboshi"
Hands-on cooking : "Harusame-salad"
Hands-on cooking :
cooking "Negima" and "Tsukune" (Chicken mince)
Hands-on cooking : cooking "Tsukune"
Hands-on cooking :
cooking "Negima" (Chicken thigh and spring onion)
Demonstration : preparing "Teba" (Chicken wing)
Hands-on cooking : preparing "Teba"


Dinner time!

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