Monday, 25 February 2013

Japanese cooking classes in March 2013

We would like to inform our regular classes (2 and half hours including lecture and
tasting time) in March 2013.

The menu is a great party dish "Gyu-no-Tataki" (Beef carpaccio) & a traditional
Tofu dish "Shira-ae" (Mashed Tofu dressing salad).
The lecture is "Food presentation".

Let's learn Japanese home-style cooking and how to present beautiful dish
by demonstration & hands-on cooking!

Everyone is welcome even you have never cooked Japanese food before.

(Beef carpaccio)
(Mashed Tofu dressing salad)

Please see the details below or more info :


**Date & Time        :  Wed  6th day-time (11:00am-1:30pm)
                               Tue  12th night (6:00pm-8:30pm)

**Cooking menu      :  "Gyu-no-Tataki" (Beef carpaccio)
                             ---"Tataki" is that meat or fish is seared very briefly
                                  over a hot frame or pan. We make Beef-Tataki
                                  served with home-made "Ponzu-sauce".

                               "Shira-ae" (Mashed Tofu dressing salad)
                             ---It has been one of the traditional Japanese side dishes
                                   since 200 years ago.

**15mins. lecture    : "Food presentation"
                             ---"Moritsuke" (=Food presentation) is one of important
                                  processes for Japanese cooking. We will demonstrate
                                  how to present food beautifully.

**Service              : "Cha-soba" (=Green tea soba noodle)


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