Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sushi class come back in January!!

"Sushi class" is coming back on Wed the 9th January (11am-1:30pm).
This is our regular 2.5hrs class including lecture and tasting-time.

The menu is "Sushi-roll" (basic roll & inside-out roll) and
"Sushi-variations" (Temari-zushi & Inari-zushi).
They are both very popular and great party food, too.
The lecture is "How to cook rice perfectly", which is the most important
to make good "Sushi".

Everyone welcome, you don't need any experience!

Let's learn Sushi making by demonstration & hands-on cooking.

**Voucher (one Japanese cooking class) is available!!!**
   Valid for 6 months.
   If you are interested in, please email to : japanese.cuisine.wanaka@gmail.com

Please see the details below or more info : japanese.cuisine.wanaka@gmail.com


***Sushi class***

**Date & Time     :   Wed  9th January (11am-1:30pm)

**Cooking menu   :   "Sushi-roll" (basic roll & inside-out roll)

                            "Sushi-variations" (Temari-zushi & Inari-zushi)

**15mins. lecture :  "How to cook rice perfectly"

**Service           :  "Miso-soup"


To book : japanese.cuisine.wanaka@gmail.com

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