Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Cooking class on Mon 17th (6pm) December

We had another cooking class on Mon the 17th (6-8:30pm) with
the same menu, "Tsutsumi-yaki" & "Takikomi-gohan". The lecture
was "Shiwasu" (=December).
We put Xmas decorations on dishes and celebrated Xmas together!

Thank you very much for attending our class again!
We wish your Merry Christmas to everyone!

**Voucher (one Japanese cooking class) is available.**
It is great Xmas gift!!
If you are interested in, please e-mail to : japanese.cuisine.wanaka@gmail.com

  Today's Xmas dinner :  "Tsutsumi-yaki"
                                  "Somen Miso-soup"
                                  "Kinako ice cream"

Lecture : "Shiwasu" (=December)

Demonstration : How to wrap "Tsutsumi-yaki"

Hands-on cooking : Preparation
Learning "Origami" for decorations

Hands-on cooking : "Tsutsumi-yaki" decorations
Tasting time : "Kanpai" (=Cheers!)

"Tsutsumi-yaki" opened

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