Thursday, 13 December 2012

Cooking class on Wed 12th (11am) December

We had our regular cooking class on Wed 12th (11am-1:30pm).
The menu was great party dish for Xmas, "Tsutsumi-yaki" (Baked seafood & vegetables
wrapped in baking paper) & "Takikomi-gohan" (Chicken & vegetables paella).
The lecture was "Shiwasu" (=December).

We set up nice Xmas decorations and had great time together to celebrate Christmas!
Merry Christmas!!!
Thank you very much for attending our class!

**Voucher is available for Xmas gift!! (Valid for 6 months)**
If you are interested in, please e-mail to :

 Lecture : "Shiwasu" (=December)

    We talk about Japanese traditional events

    and custom in the end of December.

         Hands-on cooking : Preparation

 Demonstration : "Tsutsumi-yaki"

      Hands-on cooking : "Tsutsumi-yaki"

 Hands-on cooking : "Tsutsumi-yaki"

    -making own percel

              Seafood and vegetables for



 Hands-on cooking : "Tsutsumi-yaki"

  - wrapping own percel


                Tasting time : Merry Christmas!!


  Christmas special dishes :

    "Tsutsumi-yaki" & "Takikomi-gohan"

More info :

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