Friday, 30 November 2012

Japanese cooking classes in December

We would like to inform our regular classes (2 and half hours including lecture and
tasting time) in December here.

The menu is a nice Xmas dish "Tsutsumi-yaki" (Baked seafood & vegetables wrapped
in baking paper) & popular rice dish "Takikomi-gohan" (Chicken & vegetables paella).
The lecture is "Shiwasu" (=December, we talk about Japanese custom in December).

Let's learn Japanese home-style cooking by demonstration & hands-on cooking!

"Takikomi-gohan" &
"Tsutsumi-yaki" (wrapped)
"Tsutsumi-yaki" (inside)

Please see the details below or more info :


**Date & Time       :  Wed 12th day-time (11:00am-1:30pm)    
                              Mon 17th night  (6:00pm-8:30pm)

**Cooking menu     :  "Tsutsumi-yaki" (Baked seafood & vegetables wrapped in baking paper)
                              ----We make own wrapped dish each of seafood & vegetables with 
                                    Christmas decoration.

                              "Takikomi-gohan" (Chicken & vegetables paella)
                              ----Popular rice dish which is cooked both rice and other ingredients 
                                    together, seasoned with Dashi and Soy sauce.

**15mins. lecture   :  "Shiwasu" (=December)
                              ----Talk about Japanese traditional events and custom in the end of 
                                     December, and how people spend this time of the year to get 
                                     ready for the biggest event "New Year" in Japan.

**Service             :   "Miso soup" , "Sweets"


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