Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sushi class special on Tue 27th (7pm) November

We had another Sushi class special on Tue 27th (7pm) November!
This class was 2 hours session to focus on making Sushi-rolls &
Sushi-variations (Inari & Temari).

To make good Sushi, it is really important to cook rice perfectly first.
We taught how to cook rice perfectly and how to make Sushi-vinegar
mixture and Sushi-rice.

We made 2 Sushi-rolls (1 basic roll & 1 inside-out roll),
2 Inari-zushi (Bean curd pocket with some toppings) and
2 Temari-zushi (Little ball sushi) each.
These all together make nice colorful dish, so it is really good for Party or platter, too.

Everybody made excellent Sushi and taste really good.
To learn how to make Sushi, it is very important to have a go.
I am sure people who attended this class will make nice Sushi at home!

Thank you very much for attending our class!

More info : japanese.cuisine.wanaka@gmail.com

  Ingredients for making Sushi

             Demonstration :  Sushi-roll

   Hands-on cooking : Sushi-roll

          Hands-on cooking : slicing Sushi-roll

   Sushi-roll : basic roll & inside-out roll

    Hands-on cooking : Temari & Inari

    Sushi-rolls & Sushi-variations

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