Thursday, 15 November 2012

Cooking class on Wed 14th (11am) November

We had our regular cooking class on Wed the 14th (11am-1:30pm) with
4 people.
The menu was "Okonomi-yaki (Savory pancake)" & "Yaki-soba (Fried noodle)".
We talked about very interesting "Yatai (Japanse mobile food stall with
cooking facilities)" which is very popular in Japan.

Both meals are great for Party, BBQ and at home, so I hope everyone will make
these in Summer!

Thank you very much for attending our class again!

More info :

  <Today's delicious lunch>

   - Okonomi-yaki

   - Yaki-soba

   - Egg drop clear soup

Lecture : "Yatai "

   We talked about "Yatai" which is very popular Japanese mobile food stall with cooking facilities. We showed some photos of Yatai, too.


   It is tricky to flip over "Okonomi-yaki".
   We cooked "Okonomi-yaki" at the table as we normally do in Japan.

  Hands-on cooking

 Everybody had great experience!

  Hands-on cooking

 Beautiful shapes, "Okonomi-yaki".

 Hands-on cooking

 Flip over "Okonomi-yaki" was successful!!

  Hands-on cooking

  Last part, put sauce on and ready to eat!

 Tasting time

 Well done, everybody and time to eat.

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