Thursday, 27 September 2012

Good use of left over Saikyo-Miso

We would like to introduce some useful tip for using left over
Saikyo-Miso which we made at our cooking class the other day.

We had some left over Saikyo-Miso after we cooked the fish fillets,
so we marinated a Chicken breast and a boiled egg over night, then
grilled the Chicken breast next day. The egg was just removed from
the Miso mixture.

*The Miso mixture should be heated before marinating if you don't cook
  after that. (e.g. Miso marinade egg, using as a dip)

They were very delicate and nice!

Marinate over night.

Grilled Chicken breast.

Remove egg from the mixture.

Served with stir fry vegetables!

We also used the remaining mixture to make Miso-soup.
When the mixture is heated, you can see some dregs which come from
fish or chicken. If you don't like this, you can strain the mixture.
Also, you need to add normal Miso and Dashi as well because the mixture
hasn't got enough taste to make Miso-soup.

Enjoy cooking!

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