Saturday, 6 April 2013

Cooking class on Wed 3rd (11am) April

We had the day-time class with the same menu as last month
on Wed the 3rd (11am) April.

The menu was "Gyu-no-Tataki" (Beef carpaccio) & "Shira-ae" (Mashed
Tofu dressing salad), with the lecture of "Moritsuke" (Food presentation **Part1**).

Again, we demonstrated how to present food beautifully and everybody tried to
do for own dishes! Everybody has done really well!

Thank you very much for attending our class.

More info :

Today's full lunch
"Gyu-no-Tataki" (Beef carpaccio),
 "Shira-ae" (Mashed Tofu dressing salad),
and service of  "Cha-soba" (Green tea Soba-noodle)

Lecture :
"Moritsuke" (=Food presentation)

Hands-on cooking :
Searing the beef.
Hands-on cooking :
Preparing vegetables.
Hands-on cooking :
Chopping chives really finely.
Hands-on cooking :
Making "Mashed Tofu dressing".
Food presentation :
"Shira-ae" (Mashed Tofu dressing salad).
Hands-on cooking :
Slicing the beef very thinly.
Demonstration & Hands-on cooking :
Food presentation of "Gyu-no-Tataki"
Food presentation :
"Gyu-no-Tataki" (Beef carpaccio)
Hands-on cooking :
We did it!
Lunch time!

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