Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cooking class on Thurs 4th (6pm) April

We had the regular class in April on Thurs 4th (6pm).

The menu was "Shouga-yaki" (Stir fried ginger pork) & "Chawan-mushi"
(Steamed egg dish), with the lecture of "Japanese table manner" (Table
setting & eating style).

"Chawan-mushi" is one of very high standard side dish in Japan and
everybody enjoyed the taste and the silky texture.
"Shouga-yaki" is really easy home-style cooking dish and so tasty!

Thank you for attending our class!

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Today's full dinner :
"Shouga-yaki" (Stir fired ginger pork),
"Chawan-mushi" (Steamed egg dish),
and service of Miso-soup, Rice, pickles
Lecture :
Japanese table manner

Hands-on cooking :
Slicing pork for Shouga-yaki

Hands-on cooking :
making sauce for Chawan-mushi
Demonstration :
Cooking Shouga-yaki
Having fun!!
Hands-on cooking :
Cooking Shouga-yaki
Hands-on cooking :
Cooking Shouga-yaki
Dinner time!!

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