Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sushi class special on Wed 17th (12pm) October

We had a wonderful Sushi class on Wed 17th October!
This class was 2 hours session to focus on making Sushi.

We taught how to make rice perfectly and how to make
good Sushi rice to start which is very important for
making Sushi.
Not many people knew this and we hope everybody will
make nice fluffy rice next time at home.

We made 2 Sushi rolls (1 basic roll and 1 inside-out roll),
2 Inari-Zushi (Bean curd pocket with some topping) and
2 Temari-Zushi (Little ball sushi) each.

Everybody made wonderful Sushi and enjoyed the taste!
Thank you very much for attending our class!

We have decided to run this Sushi class special again, so
if anybody is interested in, please let us know :

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