Monday, 29 October 2012

Japanese cooking classes in November

We would like to inform our regular classes (2 and half hours including lecture and
tasting time) in November here.

The menu is popular party food "Okonomi-yaki (Savory pancake)" &
popular daily lunch "Yaki-soba (Fried noodle)".
The lecture is "Yatai (Mobile food stall in Japan)".

Let's learn Japanese home-style cooking by demonstaration & hands-on cooking!


Please see the details below or more info :


**Date & Time       :   Wed 14th day-time (11:00am-1:30pm)
                               Mon  19th night    (6:00pm-8:30pm)
**Cooking Menu     :  "Okonomi-yaki" (Savory pancake)
                               ----A type of savory pancake with your favourite vegetables, meat 
                                     or seafood.  It's a popular dish at a casual party or at Yatai in Japan.
                                     We cook it on a hot plate (electric banquet fryingpan) at the dinner                          

                               "Yaki-soba" (Fried noodle)
                                ----Fried noodle with meat & vegetables, seasoned with homemade 
                                      Japanese sauce.

**15mins.Lecture   :  "Yatai" 
                                 ----We introduce Japanese style mobile food stall with cooking facilities, 
                                       selling various types of foods.

**Service               :  "Clear soup"


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